David A. Ramos

303 Park Avenue South


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I want to focus more on my passion for package design.

Sure, I solve problems, make intuitive and well-informed decisions, manage time, information, people and resources very well ó good communication skills ó itís why Iím in my current role. Iím the best person on-press to get the best results on-press. Thatís asking the right questions and giving clear direction. Itís respect for othersí experience and understanding printing is an inexact science. On-press, or managing my team and the needs and expectations of Marketing or Package Development teams, I know how to work with others to get results.

That has served me well ó problem-solving is very satisfying because Iím good at it. Itís brought me good compensation. Iím well-liked, respected and can be counted on to find solutions. The down-side is it continues to divert me from my passion.

In the pursuit of my passion I am open to a variety of opportunities. I may be the perfect fit for a small CPG start-up that needs a variety of solutions from package design and art direction to team oriented problem solving. For an efficiently staffed, fast-paced studio/agency or CPG company, Iím a great design and art direction asset with my breadth and range of experience. Letís talk!